About This Site

Every Day Carry (EDC) for the Soul is a Devotional Blog and Podcast that we hope will equip and encourage you to not only survive but thrive in your walk-through life with Jesus.

Everyone has certain items they carry around with them each day; a wallet, a watch, a purse, a pen, a knife, etc.  What items do you generally have with you every day?  A Survivalist would call those items part of your “Every Day Carry” kit.   I like the term.  I appreciate the concept of being prepared! In the same way that we carry things with us, the Bible gives us Every Day Carry Skills that we can identify, carry, and use as needed each day.  This site and the podcast “EDC for the Soul” is dedicated to equipping and encouraging the Christian to not only survive, but thrive in his/her walk with Christ. 

Start the Journey today:  For the readers not sure about Jesus and Salvation, please know that salvation is a free gift accepted by faith, made possible by the grace of God.  I encourage you to consider your eternity.  Have you received the gift of eternal life that Jesus shed His blood on the cross and died to provide for you?  Do you depend on good works to save you or the grace of God?  Please go to “How to Be Saved” to find out more.

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